Mission Accomplished: Our First Andean Plant Medicine Retreat in Europe

Dearest community,

A long-lasting dream found its voice and form last month in the tranquil coastal town of Ericeira, Portugal. The gentle rhythm of the Atlantic waves served as the background score to a transformative dance of spirits, as we brought to life a holistic therapy retreat that was nothing short of magical.

Retreat participants preparing for a plant medicine ceremony.

Imagine this: an eco-villa gazing upon the vastness of the sea. Here, against this inspiring viewpoint, we have co-created two intimate weekend retreats, each welcoming 12 amazing visitors. The overwhelming enthusiasm, selling out merely four weeks post-announcement, was a testament to the desire of our European community to delve deep into the ancient practices of shamanic healing.

Retreat participants at the end of the retreat journey

What made this initiative transcend mere experience was its essence of unity. We didn’t just host a retreat; we forged a bridge. A bridge that connected the pulsating heart of the European holistic therapeutic community with the age-old, soul-stirring philosophies of the Andes. And as we welcomed Ambi, one of Colombia’s finest therapeutic and musical plant medicine communities to our European sanctuary, the bridge echoed with songs of connection, growth, and healing.

Andean Medicinal Music

As I journey inward, reflecting upon the time we spent together, two profound insights surface:

  • Embracing Life’s Tempo: Life dances to its own rhythm. And in our contemporary race against time, we often overlook the magic of ‘now.’ Our retreat served as a canvas, painting the importance of ‘slowing down.’ When we pause, when we indulge in self-care, when we introspect, our journey’s path is lit brightly, attracting fellow travelers and manifesting collaborations that lead to beautiful creations. While the end goal is important, the beauty often lies in the journey and the process, in the steps we take, and the moments we actively cherish.
  • Recognizing our own needs: Plant medicine has this uncanny ability to be the mirror to our souls. It doesn’t always reflect what we wish to see but rather what we need to see. The universe, in its infinite wisdom, sometimes presents us with challenges to mold, shape, and refine our essence. The contrasts of life – its ebbs and flows, its sweetness and sourness – are what carve out our depth, teaching us to discern what elevates us and what hinders our growth.

As the sun sets on this chapter, another horizon beckons. We’re in the planning mode of three more retreats next summer in Portugal. These won’t just be a continuation but an evolution – an alchemy of Eastern Indian traditions and Latin American shamanic insights, guided by the seasoned hands of facilitators from both Europe and Colombia. Our goal is to create a genuine transformative experience that connects the spiritual world with clear practical insights on how each individual can continue their journey grounded and fully supported in the aftermath. And while we gear up for this, the heartbeats of the Andes mountains call out, inviting you for workshops and ceremonies that promise profound revelations in Colombia.

We are curating an initial waiting list for our next journey in mid-June. If you want to participate, let us know at info(at)ecomanka.net.

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