Rooted in self-awareness and inner explorations, the Soul Dreamers journey is an opportunity to let go of the fast paced modern world. As a transformational healing method we believe that stillness, self-love, empathy, and close connections to local communities can reimagine, recalibrate, and clarify visions and purpose in life. 

Through our compassionate eco-leadership retreats and personalized regenerative experiences we provide a direct link between conscious tourists and local heritage and traditions. We partner with unique and authentic tour operators so we can bring that unique opportunity for self-growth in the heart of nature that you deserve.

In partnering with carefully selected local communities we offer three types of eco-experiences:

A. Heart-transforming eco-retreats supported by ancestral medicinal plant ceremonies.

B. Adventure Soul Traveling Tours fully immersed in the wilderness of nature.

C. Urban stories shared through unique city eco-tours or via impact dinners connecting travelers to local marginalized groups and their beautiful stories. 

As a Soul Dreamer, you will join a conscious tourism network continuously supporting you onto your compassionate eco-leadership pathway. We will prepare you prior to your trip, and stay closely connected in the aftermath through our Soul Dreamers alumni club.

We predict your Soul Dreamers experience will be an invaluable asset on your life transforming journey.

Our community and tour operating partners are carefully chosen based on authenticity, deep rooted connections to their territory and eco-sustainable tourism and nature conservation vision. We believe the magic of an experience relies not only on the actual fascinating beauty of the tour itself but primarily on the connection between tourists and locals by building transformational friendships., Therefore, we offer deep cultural immersions into the visited communities.