Ambi comunidad

We work closely with the Ambi local eco-community through which we provide the spiritual cleansing method of Ayahuasca run through ceremonies. 

AMBI means medicine in the Inga language, and represents a community whose life mission is offering healing service through the sacred plant. (Yagé in Colombia). We bring to you this opportunity to find peace and joy while resonating with the creative energy of the universe.

Ambi are bearers of an ancestral legacy that they value and care for as a great treasure. In providing the service the Yagé medicine plays a fundamental role in the awakening of human consciousness and the transformation of reality that we are creating and responding to daily.

Ambi’s way of sharing medicine stems out of decades of experience in learning alongside traditional indigenous doctors (Taitas). It facilitates a heart opening training through medicinal plants used responsibly and respectfully of ancestral traditions. 

The medicine Ambi shares comes from the depth of the jungle forests in Putumayo, the place of origin and cradle of the indigenous elders. Through the process of preparation and ceremony we respect the principles and instructions that have kept this millenary science alive. We offer our greatest commitment and responsibility for our well-being and that of all the beings we welcome to our Temple of Purity in Ambi in receiving the teaching and wisdom of this treasure of nature: Ayahuasca.


We proudly support the EcoManka educational project! EcoManka engages and supports teenagers in Colombia and globally in becoming community eco-leaders by initiating environmental sustainable activities. EcoManka works closely with local universities and communities in preparing high quality digital and experiential environmental courses in lower socio-economic communities in the region of Uraba in Colombia. 

We donate part of the revenue to the local communities that EcoManka activates in.

You can read more on EcoManka here: 

MIsion Gaia

Misión Gaia is a local grassroots organization based in Colombia. Their head office is located in Minca, a small coffee village, in the foothills of the highest coastal mountain range on the planet and a biodiversity hotspot: The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. 


We promote the sustainable use of natural resources in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and its foothills by helping increase the well-being of local people in rural communities through development of socio-environmental programs.


Our work is focused in three areas: animal health and welfare, sustainable development and education. Our programs promote environmental awareness and help strengthen practices of responsible development, while contributing to people’s lives and their communities in a meaningful way. 

To learn more about Misión Gaia please visit our website or contact us

the sierra mestra women association

In our retreat chosen village, a group of women eco-entrepreneurs inspire their visitors with their simplicity of living life via permaculture in deep communion with their surrounding landscapes. This is how “Mupama”, Women of Paso del Mango, was born. This group of women leaders aims at supporting other women in the proximity to grow their small organic dehydrated and herbal medicine business. They take advantage of seasonal crops and the products of their gardens, transforming plants and fruits into food and medicine. By taking part in our retreat you will have the opportunity to visit them, give them a hand and learn about their projects. Among them are Aluna @aluna_centro_de_permacultura, Happy Cultura @happyculturacolombia and Sierra Maestra @sierra_maestra_permacultura.

The Soul Dreamers Retreats will generate an improvement in the quality of life of the participating women, their families, and the residents who take part in the service chain (transportation, food, workshops, logistical support, etc.), all of them people from the region with a priority to services provided by women. Through the retreat we will be visiting specific working centres and nearby eco-tourist places such as Caoba Biological Reserve, Cascada del Griego, and the Cacao Farm among others.

The women’s association needs to increase its production, standardize processes, obtain and build a kitchen for the processing and storage of products among other immediate needs so 3% of the retreat revenue will be donated to their fund so they can prioritize their most urgent needs. In this way, more women will be able to benefit by contributing to the creation of solidarity circular economies.

We aim at supporting our host families’ projects so they can be financially independent while continuing supporting the education of their children and teenagers in the village. The retreat participants will be direct protagonists of this growth in a direct way, living a sustainable and respectful experience with the environment and the act of solidarity with vulnerable groups.  

Reserva Natural Surikí

Passing through a jungle-esque river, connecting the Dorian lands to the Uraba Caribbean gulf, you will be embarking on a deep nature immersed boat trip surrounded by low hanging trees, diverse monkeys and a whole range of tropical birds. After a two hour journey you will encounter the Reserva Natural Suriki, a nature preserving habitat run by the Jimenez family. 

The Jimenez community story is aligned with the history of contemporary Colombia. A beautiful story of grief, trauma healing, love, forgiveness, and hope. A family of 20 brothers and sisters, they were once forced to leave their land for 15 years due to the region’s armed conflict. 

Through an amazing display of resilience, and thanks to the Peace Accords in Colombia allowing for reconciliation, they were finally allowed to return, and reconnect to their lands. 

As victims of the country’s armed conflict, their pursuit of justice for their father’s murder became a catalyst for their union and healing from past traumas. Their heart opening journey of forgiveness displays an inspiring example of courage, dignity, and trust in one’s own ability to move forward and blossom as a an eco-community.

They are currently working on a long term conservation project aligning themselves to nature, reforestation while impacting the rural communities surrounding their reserve. 

Listening to their past struggles and to their journey of forgiveness and hope makes one reflect on the beauty of life itself, and its infinite possibilities of transformation and possible change. 

You will be in for a unique soul adventure blessing in their presence.