Our Story

The Soul Dreamers journey

Started with our co-founder Teddy’s own dream in creating a self-healing place in nature surrounded and inspired by beautiful souls. 

What was initially a yoga retreat idea, it became over time a retreat place of deep connection where authenticity, self-love, and empathy constitute central pillars of a mindfulness journey into the celebration of life. 

In line with the past two years’ global challenges, the Soul Dreamers experience brings an alternative method of healing mental health issues as well as reframing leadership into our lives. 

How can we love ourselves better so we can serve others become essential questions into a post-Covid scenario. It is our goal to provide the tools for you to embark into this exploratory journey together with us. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the heart of Colombia through our soul healing retreats and adventure tours in 2022. 

Love always,

The Soul Dreamers Team


“Soul Dreamers is a rising Phoenix. It embraces beauty in its finest particles – through the healing ashes of a broken heart.

It is a quest for wisdom, a drive for consciousness, an embrace of stillness, an abundance in presence – through actions, thoughts and heartfelt mysteries.

Soul Dreamers enacts the surrendering process of becoming one; one with love, dreams, and a deep self-projection onto a conquering mission in life. It is the empathy driven love for learning, connection, and inspiring growth. 

It is our life transforming journey – always together. Through nature, ancestral wisdom, rural community traditions and support. 

It is the death of ego which helps us to all reunite, and make sense of beauty again.

Welcome to our soul leading journey. Welcome to dying and loving again.”

Teddy Florea, Soul Dreamers Co-Founder

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