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We offer highly personalized individual or group eco-tours across rural Antioquia, in the junglesque delta of Uraba surrounded by a multitude of exotic birds and monkeys, in the breathtaking mountainous range of Sierra Nevada in the Santa Marta region of Colombia as well as into the heart of the indigenous sacred lands of Putumayo.

We partner with eco-tourism operators, and community projects to offer you a chance to deeply immerse into the local scene, establish local friendships, and live an off the path traveling experience. 

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Explore Rural Antioquia

We are taking you to the heart of the breathtaking Antioquian region. You can experience amazing hikes in nature leading you to hidden cascades. We could go off the path through mountainous strolls.  We can explore small villages, and encounter the friendliness of locals while witnessing their traditions and delicious cooking. 

You can either join an organized tour or we can personally create one just for you. 

Email us your questions, and ideas and we will co-create the itinerary and experience with you.


Sierra nevada

One of the most stunning regions of Colombia, The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta borders the Caribbean sea, and is composed of a variety of snow peaked mountains, fast rivers, and beautiful coast line. It is nothing short of picturesque. 

To the native indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada, the land is sacred. The serenity of nature can connect tourists to the spiritual and ecological traditions of the region and experience all the wonder this place has to offer. One can taste some of the world’s best honey, coffee, and cacao—straight from the source. 

We partner with local communities to provide you with a diverse and unique experience so you can feel refreshed and recharged by the abundance of beauty. 

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Bordering Ecuador, Putumayo is Colombia’s southern spiritual heart and soul. Inhabited in majority by indigenous Inca tribes holding large areas of autonomous territory, one can naturally witness ancestral traditions and practices in mountainous breathtaking settings.

The Amazonian forest starts here with its blessed ecosystem of diverse fauna and flora. It is precisely Ayahuasca’s homeland where its rooted plants grow naturally alongside a multitude of medicinal others used by local indigenous spiritual leaders (Taitas) in healing rituals and practices for thousands of years.

We will take you directly to Taita’s homes into authentic experiences where local spiritual knowledge will be shared to you in safe, natural, and serene environments. You will be immersed into the inspiring indigenous community life taking river baths, sleeping in hammocks, and watching chickens and ducks passing by as you wake up at dawn breathing in the healing power of nature. 

Darien Region

Located in northwest Colombia, between Antioquia and Chocó regions, and one hour flight from Medellin, the Darién region is one of the most unique places globally due to its large biodiversity.

It is one of the last tropical rainforests in contact with the sea that is left worldwide. Around 25% of species found here are endemic to these environments, meaning they can’t be found elsewhere on the planet. You will encounter tropical birds unseen elsewhere, a wide range of mammals such as the cappuccino or spider monkeys, and even the queen/king itself, the Latin American jaguar. 

The Darién region is, simply put, “another world” – given its uncontained wilderness and sprawling landscape that only a few dare to venture in. 

For those having read the Colombian national poet, Gabriel Garcia Marquez you will encounter here the famous banana plantation lands feeding the world through their abundance. 

A place of disconnection from life’s stress, and a reconnection to nature, communities, and ourselves, the Darien region can offer you both the paradoxical escapade of stillness in the midst of tropical charming bird or monkey noises as well as an opportunity to explore the connection between beautiful sea shores and the inland rainforest. It is after all a soul adventure trip onto your heart. 

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