Soul Dreamers Retreat

A 7 Day Journey into the Depths of Emotional Intimacy

 In partnership with Ambi Comunidad

Themes: Self-acceptance, Compassion, Individual Growth

20th – 26th January 2024

Place: the Guarne Forest, Antioquia, Colombia, 1 hour drive from Medellin

Retreat Goals

Facilitating and supporting the process of conscious transformation, mental well-being and health through regenerative experiences, plant ceremonies, and guided facilitation.

Reconnecting leaders with Soul Dreamers’ core founding pillars & principles: nature, spirituality and local social impact.

Bridging & supporting a network of inspired conscious eco-leaders, providing comprehensive online preparation, integration and aftercare support.


Becoming a life transforming sustainable network connecting conscious leaders to nature, spirituality, and rural community wisdom.


Soul Dreamers is a conscious eco-leadership program facilitating creativity and soul searching through highly personalized eco-retreats in the heart of Colombia. During the program, you will be learning about nature, local culture, eco-tourism activities, and eco-conservation projects. At the foremost, we will experience a self-leadership and personal healing journey back to your essence. We will embrace a wide range of emotions supported by our cohort and the communities hosting us across the journey. 

We will embrace together the power of stillness and nature, everyone being able to access a reset button while enhancing one’s clarity of purpose in connection to themselves, and the loved ones around us. 

The activities will also aim at local community immersions. We will be visiting stunning eco-touristic facilities, connect to the local nature conservation projects, and establish the seeds for long term friendships and potential collaborations we may want to continue later on.

In the presence of our online facilitators, we will go through a preparatory program based on emotional intimacy embracing compassion and empathy into our journey together. Our facilitator Petter will be the main online guides in the virtual journey towards a life transformative Colombian experience. 

Following the on site retreats, we will run a post-integration program leading you to join the Soul Dreamers online community. We will continue supporting you through regular monthly check in calls so the seeds rooted in our soul-finding and self-leadership journey concretize in beautiful actions and projects benefiting us and our loved ones best. 

Ambi Retreat Program:

We will provide a chance for stillness in disconnecting from the outer world as to witness a felt reconnection to nature, to inner soul wisdom, and onto the immediate community: the fellow Soul Dreamers cohort.

We have chosen the mountainous region of Antioquia, with its luscious forests and fresh climate as an ideal location to begin an initial transformation. Our guests will start or deepen their own inner spiritual journeys through ancestral plant medicine based ceremonies, and mindful movement practices. 

Through the Soul Dreamers experience, there will be a clearer understanding and healing of own emotional blockages, deepening self love, reigniting creativity, and connecting to one’s own deep heart-felt intuition of the road ahead.

Our Soul Dreamers will have a chance to inspire themselves, their group peers, and strongly connect to the eco-community they will be visiting.

Participants will leave feeling transformed through a reconnection to themselves and their own personal circles inspired & guided to make a tangible change in their lives or the world around them. 

For more info on the Ambi Community click here

Due to the intimate nature of the retreat selection is made solely on an application process. We want to ensure the right energy fits the values of the eco-leadership program, and that you will be served best in your own journey towards compassionate eco-leadership.

If you feel the call for serenity, transformation, and inner growth, do schedule a 45 minute intro call with our facilitators below.

Facilitators of the retreat:


Physical/emotional trauma expert. M.S. in Leadership for Sustainability 

His work emanates from activating our self-healing through physical/emotional trauma release. Our physical/emotional traumas hold the wisdom of the past and offer a catalyst for transformation into our pure potential – now and into the future.

Jeronimo Delgado Giraldo

I was born in a house of medicine, my parents taught me from a young age to see illness as a transformation tool that allows us to grow and continue to evolve when it is assumed with respect and love. For 12 years I have known the sacred  plant, and from that moment I knew that I had found my place on Earth. I gave myself to learning its good management from the hand of a native family of the Inga people, Putumayo. Thanks to their support, especially that of my Taita Henri Muchavisoy, today I assume the responsibility of being the bearer of this legacy and with joy to be able to share the healing and messages of this wonderful gift that nature gives us throughout the world.
This work is possible, thanks to the purpose of the community, to the brothers and sisters who converge around this medicine and prepare ourselves with discipline to share as a tribe, and serve humanity with dedication.

Who Are We Targeting?

This inner transformation is specifically aimed at the high achieving trailblazers who have the ability to use this process and its results (empathy, integration, reconnection with self, clarity of mind, creativity, sharper focus) to go forward and instigate eco sustainable change from the top down. The Soul Dreamers become authentic Compassionate Eco-Leaders ready to live and create from a place of deep integrity, drive & purpose.

Ambi Retreat Includes: 

  • 5 days eco-community retreat activities in Ambi
  • Your choice of up to 3 plant medicine ceremonies
  • Medicinal plants vaporizing sauna alike experience
  • Organic delicious vegetarian food (chicken available on request)
  • 2 day accommodation in eco-glamping scenic resort (before and after the retreat) 
  • 5 day communal accommodation in the eco-community
  • Transportation from and to Medellin-Rio Negro international airport 
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Online preparation run by experienced facilitators
  • Post-integrative online care
  • Soul Dreamers Alumni status with monthly check in calls (12 months period following the retreat)

Regular Price: 3,900 USD 


“I really enjoyed the experience two different places that gave me many learnings. Beautiful people and perfect environment to connect”. Manuela Gomez

“I’m a tattooist, and an apprentice for a few things. My time in Colombia and Ambi far exceeded any and all expectations I could ever rationally conceive. Teddy brought together a great team and group of people. I felt so tremendously supported, well taken care of, well fed, and most important, SAFE. Jeronimo and his team, Jorg included, are devoted to their path, cut no corners, and are always there when you need it most. Their impeccability and thoroughness are inspiring.    You’re in great hands, truly, what are you waiting for? Answer the calling. Trust. Let go. Surrender”. Chris Budz

“I am a writer by trade. Soul Dreamers is a special project, in my eyes. It allows those who take the plunge to explore connection to self, and, connection to other. This unique platform invites you into soul work while in community. Through the support of a shaman and experienced guides, there is an opportunity here for you to go deep, and examine the very fabric of who you truly are. If you’re looking for a profound experience, one that touches you at the core, you’ve found it”. Tony Cuseo.

“The soul dreamers retreat was a wonderful experience. First, in the yage experience I felt very accompanied and with expert and responsible people who accompanied my process. I felt very well and in a safe environment to connect and work on myself.  Then, the days in Paso de Mango were very fun, very learning and I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people”. Juanita Gomez