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Portugal Retreat – early september

Ambi Retreat – 20th – 26th January 2024, taking place in a forest near Guarne, Antioquia Region

Suriki Retreat – 4 and 7 days from June to late September,  Darien Delta, Colombia 

Sierra Nevada Retreat – early June 2024 – Sierra Nevada, Colombia

In Portugal Retreat Ambi Comunidad and Soul Dreamers have joined forces to bring the wisdom of indigenous ancestral medicine to the Atlantic Ocean shores. 

Ambi retreat is deeply rooted in the ancestral healing plant ceremony acting as a medicinal plant of opening one’s heart intuition into loving oneself and others better, and clarifying further one’s mission in life. We have chosen to work with the spiritual community of Ambi in the heart of the forest in the region of Antioquia in Colombia. Such experience allows us to embrace our inner wisdom so we can transform and become more aligned with our own values and visions in life.

Suriki retreat facilitates and supports visitors’ process of conscious transformation, mental well-being and health through regenerative nature immersive experiences across tropical forest pathways. You will be learning Eco-Values and Resilience alongside a Colombian traditional family and eco-community in stunning Darien Delta in Colombia.

Sierra Nevada retreat brings forward mental health practices via mindfulness, body movement, nature healing and direct wisdom received from local rural communities. You will be taken to the stunning region of Sierra Nevada in Northern Colombia immersing in an eco-village experience supporting a women nature conservation entrepreneurship project. You will explore permaculture practices, encounter various cascades abounding in proximity as well as indulging in a lot of exotic fruit and vegetarian local dishes. You will feel the aliveness of nature while developing close friendships with the locals. 

Our community and tour operating partners are carefully chosen based on authenticity, deep rooted connections to their territory and eco-sustainable tourism and nature conservation vision. We believe the magic of an experience relies not only on the actual beauty of the tour itself but primarily on the connection between tourists and locals by building, hence we offer deep cultural immersion into the community and setting. 

We look forward to receiving you across the year!

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