Soul Dreamers Club


Do you know what is like to have close allies willing to speak their complete truth to you?

To open up their hearts in service of you becoming a greater version of yourself and doing your deepest healing while supporting your greatest compassionate leadership journey?

Most of us are stuck in a world of superficial connection where we simply try to get things done yearning for a deeper contact, but finding it difficult to succeed.

Our eco-experiences will support you find your own method of blossoming and entering honest, raw transformational friendships.

Imagine a large network of Imagine a large network of people entering a similar healing transformational journey and unconditionally supporting you. Imagine that even when you’re having setbacks or making mistakes you are still being loved, accepted, and positively challenged to improve.

We see your initial traveling journey as a beginning of an eco-leadership collaborative journey, a beginning of planting of seeds into what is to emerge in the future. With your creativity unleashed, the clarity of vision following a retreat normally leads to strengthening real connections between those that have shared their dreams in the heart of Colombia. Deep transformational friendships are born, emerging projects can arise.

Upon returning home, we want to cater to those that we have met by establishing and caring for an emerging eco-leadership supportive community.

We will check in with you once a month over an Alumni call as well as establishing a Discord channel where deep hearted sharings will be encouraged.

We hope that unique friendships established across deep forests and jungles will strengthen further over time, and lead to creating beautiful innovative projects amongst you, the Soul Dreamers.

More details will be provided soon!