A 12 Day Plant Medicine Journey through Shadow Integration and Trauma Healing in the Sacred Indigenous Lands of Putumayo

In partnership with Familia Ambiwassi

Themes: Radical Truth, Shadow Work, Emotional Intimacy

Kick off time: 2023

Place: the Yungillo Indigenous Community, Putumayo, Colombia

Speak Your Truth

Truth is the number one predicament of real connection to oneself and those we interact with. When opening up we allow our vulnerability to become an instant strength and a light of inspiration because through our wound we connect to other’s hearts, and make ourselves understood. Communication becomes more aligned, and a relational approach to our needs and those of others connect us stronger. 

Yet we spend most of our lives trying to hide away from it in the hopes of not hurting ourselves or those around us. We fear saddening or hurting others by being open with our wants, needs, desires, and dreams. We are afraid of being abandoned due to expressing what we want. We do not understand that in the end those choosing to be by our side would reinforce their connection and love towards us precisely because we have opened up. 

This unique retreat supported by probably the most respected spiritual leaders in Latin America will support your shadow integrative process of finding your own truth, owning it, and expressing it fully to others. This retreat’s main goal is to support your own alignment to your own mission in life so you can blossom your needs, wants, and objectives onto a creative path ahead. Be it professionally or in your personal life. 

Soul Dreamers Retreat Goals:

  • Facilitating and supporting leaders & innovators’ process of conscious transformation, mental well-being and health through regenerative experiences, plant ceremonies, and guided facilitation.
  • Reconnecting leaders with Soul Dreamers’ core founding pillars & principles: nature,spirituality and local social impact. 
  • Bridging & supporting a network of inspired conscious eco-leaders, providing comprehensive online preparation, integration and aftercare support.


Becoming a life transforming sustainable network connecting conscious leaders to nature, spirituality, and rural community wisdom.


Soul Dreamers is a conscious eco-leadership program facilitating creativity and soul searching through highly personalized eco-retreats in the heart of Colombia. During the program, you will be learning about nature, local culture, eco-tourism activities, and eco-conservation projects. At the foremost, we will experience a self-leadership and personal healing journey back to your essence. We will embrace a wide range of emotions supported by our cohort and the communities hosting us across the journey. 

We will embrace together the power of stillness and nature, everyone being able to access a reset button while enhancing one’s clarity of purpose in connection to themselves, and the loved ones around us. 

The activities will also aim at local community immersions. We will be visiting stunning eco-touristic facilities, connect to the local nature conservation projects, and establish the seeds for long term friendships and potential collaborations we may want to continue later on.

In the presence of our online facilitators, we will go through a preparatory program based on emotional intimacy embracing compassion and empathy into our journey together. Our facilitators, Carolina and Petter will be the main online guides in the virtual journey towards a life transformative Colombian experience. 

Following the on site retreats, we will run a post-integration program leading you to join the Soul Dreamers online community. We will continue supporting you through regular monthly check in calls so the seeds rooted in our soul-finding and self-leadership journey concretize in beautiful actions and projects benefiting us and our loved ones best.

The Familia Ambiwassi Program:

We are taking you onto a deep spiritual journey into the Amazonian forest where for thousands of years, their Indigenous inhabitants have been practicing alternative medicine healing practice. Through the power of  Plant Medicine, the community will be supporting your inner process of reconnection between heart, mind, and soul so you can be more aligned with the power of your own truth. 

You will be speaking your truth being supported by three of the most respected Taitas (Spiritual Leaders in the Latin American community: Taita Querubin Queta, Taita Alexander Mutumnbajoy, and Taita David Queta).

Due to the intimate nature of the retreat selection is made solely on an application process. We want to ensure the right energy fits the values of the eco-leadership program, and that you will be served best in your own journey towards compassionate eco-leadership.

If you feel the call for serenity, transformation, and inner growth, do schedule a 45 minute intro call with our facilitators below.

Facilitators of the retreat:


Carolina Fernandes 

Transpersonal Mentor, psychotherapist, guide in transformational experiences and a meditation teacher with deep knowledge of spiritual helms.

I guide people through healing, recognising their Soul Path, planning and building up their impact into the world, and mentor business owners in the transformational process of their companies in order to innovate and to become sustainable, fulfilling goals and serving the planet and society.

Petter 2


Physical/emotional trauma expert. M.S. in Leadership for Sustainability 

His work emanates from activating our self-healing through physical/emotional trauma release. Our physical/emotional traumas hold the wisdom of the past and offer a catalyst for transformation into our pure potential – now and into the future.

Taita Querubin Queta 

Master of the Community of Ai cofan of Putumayo, maximum authority in Plant Medicine indigenous plant medicine practices. He is the oldest Taita globally – 109 years old

Taita Alex

Taita Alexander Mutumnbajoy

Belonging to the Indigenous Inga tribe of Yungillo (Putumayo, Colombia), he has received the knowledge of running and preparing Pant Medicine healing ceremonies since he was 8. He has been passing on the plant medicine onto retreaters both in Colombia and internationally in connection with two other major Taitas present in this retreat.

Taita David Queta

Authority of indigenous community of Durena in Ecuador, spiritual leader of his village, and descendant of Taita Querubin of maximum authority.

Maima Debora Mutumbajoy

She is part of the indigenous community of Yungillo. She has shared the ancestral plant medicine for over 25 years accompanying personal healing processes in her land.

Who Are We Targeting?

This inner transformation is specifically aimed at the high achieving trailblazers who have the ability to use this process and its results (empathy, integration, reconnection with self, clarity of mind, creativity, sharper focus) to go forward and instigate eco sustainable change from the top down. The Soul Dreamers become authentic Compassionate Eco-Leaders ready to live and create from a place of deep integrity, drive & purpose.

The Sacred Indigenous Lands Retreat Includes: 

  • 10 days eco-community retreat activities in the indigenous reservation of Yungillo in Putumayo, Colombia
  • Your choice of up to 6 Plant Medicine ceremonies
  • Medicinal plants vaporizing sauna alike experience
  • Organic delicious vegetarian food (chicken available on request)
  • 2 night accommodation in eco-hotel in Bogota (before and after retreat)
  • 2 night accommodation in eco-resorts in Mocoa (after the retreat) 
  • 9 night communal accommodation in hammocks or tents in the indigenous eco-community
  • Fire ceremonies
  • Guided mountain hiking tours
  • Indigenous chiropractic session
  • Stingy nettle therapeutic session
  • Domestic Transportation from and to Bogota international airport 
  • Domestic flight from Bogota to Villagarzon (Mocoa) and back
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Online preparation run by experienced facilitators
  • Post-integrative online care
  • Soul Dreamers Alumni status with monthly check in calls (12 months period following the retreat)

Regular Price: 4,500 USD