soul Dreamers

Compassionate Eco-Leadership JOURNEYS


You are most likely searching for an authentic, inspiring journey connecting the mystical power of nature onto your own purpose and life mission. If so, you’re in the right place!

We are a conscious regenerative tourism network supporting unique local eco-community projects in the heart of beautiful Colombia.

Our experiences are at the crossroads of nature, spirituality, and social impact.

We are not offering luxury or voyeuristic traveling. We instead bring you raw, transformative, culturally deep immersive journeys. We connect you to inspiring communities, take you to breathtaking nature’s wonders while supporting your own quest for personal growth.

We value empathy as the main method and healing trigger in direct relationship to yourself, your travel cohort, the communities you will interact with, and onto your own local environment back home.

With love and inspiration, we are eager to embark with you on our common healing quest.

The SD team.

Inspiring eco-Leadership / Improving Mental Health

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Through the healing power of nature

Through ancestral medicinal healing practices

Through community knowledge and support

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