plant medicine


We work closely with the local Ambi eco-community in providing the spiritual cleansing plant medicine method in ceremonies. 

AMBI means medicine in the indigenous Inga language, and in our case also represents a community whose life mission is to offer healing service through the sacred plant.  (Yagé in Colombia). We bring to you this opportunity to find peace and joy while resonating with the creative energy of the universe.

Ambi are bearers of an ancestral legacy that they value and care for as a great treasure. In providing the service the Yagé medicine plays a fundamental role in the awakening of human consciousness and the transformation of reality that we are creating and responding to daily.

Ambi’s way of sharing medicine stems out of decades of experience in learning alongside traditional indigenous doctors (Taitas). It facilitates a heart opening training through medicinal plants used responsibly and respectfully of ancestral traditions. 

The medicine Ambi shares comes from the depth of the jungle forests in Putumayo in Southern Colombia, the place of origin and cradle of the indigenous elders. Through the process of preparation and ceremony we respect the principles and instructions that have kept this millenary science alive. We offer our greatest commitment and responsibility for our well-being and that of all the beings by welcoming you to our Temple of Purity in Ambi in receiving the teaching and wisdom of this treasure of nature: plant medicine.

Ayahuasca is a medicine cared for thousands of years, being a gift offered from the depths of the jungle to heal humanity. It is a medicine that purifies the body, mind, emotions and reconnects us to our close environment. It dissolves the ego and allows us to remember that we are one as humans and nature. By detoxifying our mind and body, we reconnect ourselves onto a healthier and more dignified life. We are becoming ready to transform or reignite our mission while embracing real connection to our loved ones.

scientifically proven

The scientific benefits of Ayahuasca on mental health have been studied by numerous prestigious academic research centres. 

Please find below a list of important publications showing the positive change in the aftermath of an Ayahuaska experience: