our team

We are the dreamers who are on a journey to discover our innerworld

Teddy Florea


Traveler and social entrepreneur, Teddy is on a mission quest to connect tech worlds to the healing power of nature. An avid believer of alternative medical therapeutic practices, he has initiated Soul Dreamers as his own journey into reconnection to his soul. You will find him fluctuating between his two spiritual homes, the Colombian rainforests and the Portuguese seashores in Lisbon.


Daisi Sprenk


Daisi takes care of webpage and social media. Solving administrative challenges is her superpower. The sea, the forest, the fresh air and the abundance of the nature in Estonia, where she lives, help to keep in balance and connected to her soul.



Physical/emotional trauma expert. M.S. in Leadership for Sustainability 

His work emanates from activating our self-healing through physical/emotional trauma release. Our physical/emotional traumas hold the wisdom of the past and offer a catalyst for transformation into our pure potential – now and into the future. He lives in Sweden.