From Grief to Bliss, from Chaos to Insight. A Self-Exploratory Rollercoaster Journey into Emotional Intimacy and Mission Finding

Intuition. Our physical body’s natural response signaling whether a current chosen pathway is the right one. That predictive sensation of the road forward and what to expect from it. Our heart’s forecasting’s natural response to the mind’s over rationalization. The clear emotional signal of a healthy upcoming scenario or on the contrary, of an imminent fall.

Intuition can be a clear barometer transmitted via emotions supporting our life’s healthy journey yet many of us have a hard time acknowledging it. Our body’s natural response to opportunity or danger is increasingly camouflaged by an overworking mind that triggers an automated pilot mode leading to robot alike behaviour. A vicious consumerism cycle is being promoted via mainstream media channels and traditional school teachings where doing becomes a priority to being. The so called American dream where its accomplishment or failure unfolds the occasional mass shooting. Our regular routine confined to the mere performance of action over action in a blind attempt of keeping us busy running after a mirage of productivity. Being productive becomes a virtue in itself yet in its essence it leads into a clinical societal apathy and existential despair. We are suffering yet we have no idea of our angst. We yet rationalize it as a sine qua non pre-requirement to achieving success. Our daily stress cycles are being normalized and even admired. Our distractions or numbing through alcohol, workaholism, drugs, and meaningless sex become our coping soma. We greet others and may ask a pale “how are you” yet have no intention nor desire to connect. Curiousity as a virtue loses its role, and we blindly follow our routines while dying a little each day. Welcome to our increasingly robotized AI driven world!

Yet despite its existential bleakness there is a way out. And the solution stems from a simple yet powerful alignment onto our own heart intuition. That is pausing and allowing to feel the external nonsense, acknowledging the mechanical exhaustive routine reigning our lives. It is a self-taught journey into the depths of our emotional intimacy – the highest act of self-love we can offer ourselves.

Awareness leading to compassion and onto further engagement is the healthy sequence under which Emory University advocates its global innovative Social Emotional and Empathic (SEE) curriculum aimed at youth transformative and participatory change. The SEE learning framework while institutionally targeting schools and the young segment of society via compassion based training is a de facto general call for r(evolutionary) self love action onto awakening our inner child and allowing decisions to stem out from our own heart driven emotional intelligence. And if we think of the most connective and transformative moments of our lives, they were constantly aligned onto our inner source: think of falling deeply in love for the first time with your schoolmate, your first kiss, the first time you went abroad feeling scared while missing your parents, unleashing your passion and hobbies on the dance or sports hall or on the street in front of your home annoying your neighbours with your vital outbursts of energy, acting in your first theatre play, discovering a cartoon that you cannot stop watching, a film that brings out your catharsis, and makes you cry. A book you obsessively kept re-reading with the same curiousity of opening it for the first time.


It is in these precise moments of deep presence when one feels alive allowing conscious actions to flow from a clear alignment between one’s heart, body and mind – a holistic integrative approach. And those transformative moments show up when befriending our inner child and furthermore when relating to others’ inner child in the process. That innocence of listening and acting from the heart is revolutionary as this is precisely when previous fears dissipate and allow a natural optimistic alignment between feeling, thought and action to integrate and literally move mountains. This is the realm of magic and real transformation. This is when grief transmutes into bliss, and previous chaos becomes insight. This is the road onto emotional intimacy and beautiful life missions finding. This is our innate answer to mechanically induced mind chaos that the world deeply needs. It is simply falling in love with ourselves over and over again.

Once the own emotional intimacy process is acknowledged there is generally no way back. One enters into a hero journey of moving away from fears while trusting the own self-growth process. Yes, there will be setback as life in its complexity brings both happiness and grief as a magic interplay of energies yet once knowing you’re in alignment with your heart wisdom, the flow of growth is unstoppable. The creative energy ensues and as in an Alice in Wonderland scenario magic keeps on happening, stronger connections are being formed, and life keeps bringing further insights and beautiful allies. This is our powerful heart answer to the chaos brought in our contemporary world.


And as a fruit of listening to our heart intuition, abundance occurs. Abundance of self-love, abundance of connections, abundance in relationships, abundance professionally or simply said, an overflow of overarching general support. The system senses your inner openness, and gives back generously.

At the same time, with abundance comes responsibility – one of constantly improving and healing further as to allow one’s light not only to self-guide ourselves in the process but to inspire others onto inter-personal and systemic change. This is the compassionate eco-leadership re(love)ution the world deeply needs. This also relates directly to the social impact scene where support of of others is fundamental to our own wellbeing, and to the evolution of system in itself.

Another world is possible, and the key relies in our own self-connection and careful listening to our heart’s highest intuition. Magic ensues. 

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