Emotional rawness in AMBI

Occasionally, we run away. From emotions, from feelings, from authenticity, from rawness, from ourselves. The escape seemingly is meant to protect us from pain, grief, sadness, fear. And in doing so, it brings us temporary relief, a numbing of our persona, and a hideout in the course of life. But that same runaway pathway takes us away from our true selves. It brings us into a confused state of half being where pleasure and pain become immeshed, and we end up hiding from ourselves, and living a lesser life that we deserve. Instead, I propose and manifest a different scenario. What if instead of numbing, we enter fully the multitude of our emotions? We do not look for the easy escape but rather we embrace the rawness of our own feelings roadmap in our life pathway. What if we accept sadness and grief in order to learn who we really are..deep down in our soul, listening to what pain tells us so we can transform accordingly and live life fully? What if what seems overwhelming, instead of dismissing it, we choose instead to dance with it? What if we valse with the fire of our emotions? What if we accept that what we feel is intrinsically part of our healing process that leads to joy and excitement in the long run? To a life lived on integrity and honour of who we really are? “Fire, walk with me”, and let rain fully wash me ashore. Soul Dreamers and Ambi compassionate leadership retreats. Coming soon.

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