Drinking Ayahuaska withe el SeÑor del SeÑores, Taita Querubin

El Señor has just turned 109 years old, and has given this weekend most likely his last ceremony outside of his home in the jungle. His vitality in walking firmly by himself, his wisdom in being sharp and inspirational in his speech, his dedication to the act of serving passionately in our common healing journey, his witty humour, and by foremost, his vibrant soul energy has made this weekend a once in a lifetime experience. Imagine him playing the harmonica throughout the night, and walking across a room of 50 people given his blessings at 4am. I particularly felt his healing touch when going through a depth of interior sadness, he sensed my struggle, and spent more time next to me haunting the negative spirits circling my mind. I felt relief, and a beautiful cleansing in his presence. Forever grateful for his guidance. After-all he drank more Yage than anyone else alive, and it seems that his youthful presence stance is a direct consequence of it. P.S.: Stay tuned for our compassionate leadership retreats starting this summer.