How to Soul Lead into Action?

Imagine a glowing creative energy running through your body, in full alignment with yourself, family and co-workers.

Imagine leading with vitality.

Imagine leading with purpose.

Imagine leading with clarity.

Imagine leading with ease.

Performing at a high constant level as an executive or entrepreneur is not easy. We need to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities at once while also dedicating time to ourselves, family, and significant others. We are constantly asked and reminded of our own role in inspiring integrity, innovation, growth, and full commitment to the projects we embark upon.

In practice, high performance comes embedded with traveling across time zones, working late hours while succumbing to deadlines pressure all affecting our body and mind. We are constantly invited into overindulgence of hedonistic distractions on the way taking a strong toll on our bodies and soul.

While work performance is important, how we run the overall process and our own engines is countless more. Let’s face it, in order to enjoy work life, one needs to be aligned with one’s own professional and personal goals altogether.

At Soul Dreamers we are putting together a unique online and adventure retreat 8-week program that combines three vital elements of personal transformation with the ultimate goal of self-leadership leading to a more meaningful life full of presence, authenticity, and inspiration:

Self-awareness is key in understanding what benefits us most in terms of life choices in line with who we really are beyond facades, masks, and other socially accepted sleeping pills.

Self-compassion is vital in order to activate that self-love mechanism allowing us to make the healthiest life choices while listening to our physical and emotional body intuition.

Self-engagement thus becomes the only way forward towards purposeful intentional action in building common dreams together both at the personal and professional one.

We will be using the story deconstruction process in preparing you for the journey into the unknown; a safe guided trip to your own subconsciousness and unconsciousness digging deep into the life’s past traumas in order to be able to meet your dark side, embrace it, and become whole. We will support you to be ready to self-lead through compassion and connection. We will also provide post-integration important support ensuring the seeds built in the community and nature experience are blossoming in line with your own aspirations and goals.

Unlike other programs, our intention is for you to not continue spending energy and time on a constant self-healing spiritual bypassing pathway. We want you to only come once to us and learn to activate your self-healing method. Compassionate leadership can ensue fully then.

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